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Commercial Roofing in Pageland SCDo you own commercial property like a warehouse, restaurant, retail business, office building or the like? Then deciding on who will either repair your existing roof or replace it with a new one is not a decision to take lightly. So why not call us at Hitman Roofing? We have a team of certified and experienced professional commercial roofing experts ready to start on any size job you may have for us. We can provide any commercial roofing services you may desire from repairs, replacement or initial installation. So choose a company you can trust to do the job right the first time.

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So what type of commercial roofing do you need for your Pageland, N.C. area commercial property? Not sure? Don’t worry, the certified professional commercial roofing experts at Hitman Roofing can help you figure out the type of roof you’d like on your commercial property. Protecting your property is a top priority, and the proper type of roof is one way to do so. So whether you are interested in a flat roof of rubber, TPO, PVC or asphalt, We can help. We can also install vented roofing systems that will contribute to saving money as it goes over your existing roofing system and is environmentally friendly.

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Now that you know you’re Pageland SC 29728 commercial property needs a new roof or your existing one repaired, call the commercial roofing experts at Hitman Roofing. Our certified and highly skilled commercial roofing professionals are ready when you need them. Call us now at (855) 763-4040, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will arrange a free, no-hassle consultation.

More About Commercial Roofing

When it comes to industrial roofing in Pageland SC, building owners want the very best roofing system with optimum sustain ability, minimum installation, repair and maintenance expenses, supreme protection from the aspects, exceptional resilience and a maximum life-span.

Finding the ideal roof is a crucial and crucial step to keep your home or business safe, and to get the best value for your money. With a broad and vast selection of roof materials, here we take a look at a few of the most resilient and popular business roofing systems and help you make the right option.

TPO Roofing

With simple setup and incredible flexibility, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing is a popular and durable Pageland industrial roof alternative.

Made from rubber, TPO Roofs have extraordinary leakage resistance, high temperature tolerance and are particularly resistant to UV rays, chemical and ozone exposure– its resistance depending upon the density.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM) is among the very best business roofing systems readily available. Like TPO, EPDM is made of artificial rubber and has the same benefits. For low-sloped buildings, EPDM is a good option and with remarkable security from destructive UV rays the life-span of an EPDM roof can rise to 50 years.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Pageland Commercial RoofingIncreasing energy costs and as the world continues to aim to cleaner and more sustainable energy; structure owners are turning to photovoltaic solar panels. Photovoltaic panel operate by taking in sunshine and converting it into energy.

Although Solar Panels are in some way undependable due to the fact that they count on sunshine, concerns during cloudy or rainy weather condition may occur – Low maintenance expenses make PV Roofs an excellent alternative for businesses running in off-grid places.

Green Roofs

Keeping in line with the growing need for sustainable energy, green Roofs have actually experienced the best surge in popularity of all the business roof available. Typically flat Roofs, Sedum green roof are covered in soil and greenery planted above a waterproofing membrane.
Green Roofs enhances a roof’s insulation minimizes the metropolitan heat island result, heating and cooling costs and lengthens the lifespan of a roof.

Built-Up Roof

Built-up roof (BUR) falls under the category of the asphalt roof system and provides defense from water in multiple layers. Requiring minimal roof maintenance and needs to repair works be needed; the capability to endure heavy traffic, built-up roofing is a sturdy choice.

Due to the fact that BUR utilizes many layers, pinpointing the source of leaks might be tough as you might have several cracks in lots of layers.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

Like the built-up roof, the customized bitumen industrial roof provides an asphalt based roof. With similar pros and cons to BUR, customized bitumen has a longer life-span, more durability and greater application choices.

Corrugated (Metal) Roofing

Due to is susceptibility to rust that previously made it an undesirable option, manufactures have actually made technological advancements to tackle this– making corrugated roofing a good and dependable option for Pageland commercial roofing.

Advantages of corrugated roofing consist of a life expectancy of over 50 years and the capability to be 100 percent recycled.

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Pageland is a city in Chesterfield County, South Carolina with a total population of approximately 10,301. Pageland, which uses the 843 area code, is located at 34.75518, -80.4264 at an elevation of 294 feet. There are over 3,821 households and on average there are 2.68 people in each household with a median age of 36.1. The average income in the area is $31,225 and the average home value is $82,500.