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Local Home RoofersYour Charlotte, N.C. area home’s roof takes a pounding day in and day out. Exposure to the elements alone is enough to wear down the heartiest of residential roofing systems, no matter the style of roof you have. If a warranty has a years limitation, then at some point, your roof will begin to wear down. And with a failing residential roofing system, this leaves your home vulnerable to leaks and other potentially dangerous structural damage to the crucial wooden framework below the roof. So if you think it’s time for repairs to your roof or a new one, call Hitman Roofing today.

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An inspection of your Charlotte area home’s roofing system won’t cost you anything. Hitman Roofing will check out your roof with a free consultation, and we’ll let you know honestly what shape your roof is in. We’ll advise you on whether or not your residential roofing needs repairs and how long those will last or if your roof needs to be replaced. Our team of highly skilled certified and experienced residential roofing experts is adept at handling all types of residential roofing systems from shingles, ceramic, shake, stone and any and all kinds of modern roofing systems like metal roofing.

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We strive to be the best residential roofing company in the Charlotte, N.C. area. We believe that at Hitman Roofing, we have the industry’s best residential roofing professionals who have been trained and certified working with the most advanced roofing materials and techniques. Call us now at (855) 763-4040 for a free, no-hassle consultation.

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